I foster rescue horses on and off for Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, which is extremely rewarding in and of itself, but I started as an adopter…meet Rhett. Last summer I was on Facebook and this picture popped up on my feed of this adorable foal with a crazy looking mohawk and all I could think was “its Pepper’s little brother!” (Pepper was my Craig’s list rescue from a couple months earlier). Anyway, a short time later, I adopted four month old Rhett and welcomed him to the farm.

According to the rescue, Rhett’s mother had been saved from a horse trader in fairly rough shape. About 3 days after she was brought into the rescue, she foaled and little Rhett was born happy and healthy. Sadly, due to his mom’s poor condition during her pregnancy, he had to be weaned early because she starting having seizures (happy to report she has fully recovered and was also adopted out).

At a year and a half old, I would declare that Rhett is a doll baby. Full of spunk and attitude, he’s quite the pretty boy 😉




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