Which Farm Apps Should I Download?

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Farming and technology.

Where do you stand on modern technology? Is it a bit overwhelming? Maybe a bit intimidating and silly? Is it exhilarating? Does the concept of having the world at your fingertips bring a whole new meaning?

Let’s face it, the way we do things is ever changing. Farming practices evolve from one generation to the next. Five years ago, would you ever have fathomed a robotic lawn mower? Now you can let the robot do the work, while you watch from the window. How about robotic equipment so you don’t even have to be in the tractor anymore?

Whether or not you believe in these robotic systems, we do believe technology is important for many reasons. If used in the right way, technology could lead to greater yields and profitability. If anything, it may help the day-to-day operations of one’s operation run smoother.Ag Weed ID

With that said, we’ve…

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