It’s no secret to those who know me, I do not have a green thumb–I’m sooooo much better with critters–but I try really hard, and eventually I’ll figure it out lol.  In the meantime, I keep reading, researching, and testing different things.  Which has lead me to this post.  I decided I needed some worms (by the way, hubby doesn’t know yet lol). 

After reading all the testimonials, watching crazy amounts of youtube videos, and debating the pros and cons of having thousands of worms living in my house, I decided I could do this!  So here is my worm bin project.  Fingers crossed it works….update you in a few weeks 🙂


I picked up 2 file boxes at the local discount store.  About $9 each.  Took the hinged top off one and saved it.  That will give me some place to sit the top one when I drain the liquid out of the base.

Next, drilled some holes.  1/4 drill bit and gentle pressure or it will split the plastic.  Take the bin with the lid still on and drill holes in 1) top, 2) bottom, and 3) along the top edges




Set this bin into the bin that has the removed lid. 

Next, worms like the dark.  Everything I read recommended opaque containers and lids.  Since the bins I found were translucent, I took the lid of a pizza box and cut it to loosely fit the inside top of my bin.


That’s it! Time to add the bedding.  I added some shredded paper (should be color and gloss finish free, I used some shredded bills from my file cabinet cleanout since that’s what I had on hand).  Also, add a cup or two of dirt, a little bit of water (think wrung out sponge) and a little pile of veggie scrap for the worms to eat.  Finally, add your worms! Red wigglers are the go to for home compost so I added a thousand from Marley Worm Growers (www.marleywormgrowers.com)



Fingers crossed! Hoping none escape!!


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