Farm Hacks: Mucking Made Easy

Hahaha, awesome tips!

Homesteading NJ

Horses are wonderful and beautiful creatures, but like any living thing they must eat and therefore must poop… a lot!  Daily clean up can be an arduous chore if you let it be, but I prefer to think of it as a great workout and an exercise in mindful, active, meditation.

Most people will admit putting the poop in the wheelbarrow is not all that difficult, for it is the moving of the wheelbarrow that is the dreaded part.

Mucking is a relatively simple task, right? Rake it up and toss it in the wheelbarrow – not difficult.  It wasn’t until I had enlisted Meghan to help me much and found her struggling to move her 10 cubic foot wheel barrow, that I realized I had developed my own style of mucking and wheelbarrow packing that made my life easier.

So…:::drumroll:::… here are some simple hacks to help you muck a…

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