Girl Power in the Agricultural Industry

Life of a Farm Wife

Ladies, let’s face it. The ag industry is dominated by men. Women truly are in the minority. Does this present a challenge or a disadvantage to those of us who want to play a role in the industry? Only if you let it be, according to Mandy Bryant, the successful manager of Long Vue Farms in Allensville, KY.

Mandy’s dad dispelled any feelings of inferiority or exclusion from agriculture by involving her in the family operation during her childhood. Similarly, my dad always included me in his daily activities within the business. I went to the bank with him, watched him market grain over the phone, hauled grain to the elevator, and participated in harvest, planting, tillage, and anhydrous ammonia application. I interacted with seed and equipment salesmen, loan officers, insurance agents, realtors, and marketing advisors.

I loved every minute of it. Especially the free pop and candy bars that…

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