New Dog Feeders for the Kennels 

A few months back, the hunting dogs arrived at Peppermint Acres.  We’ve slowly been trying to streamline the kennel and feeding process, making it easier and less messy.  Today, we added feeders so that feeding can be done without having to open the kennel doors to access the buckets.  

Here’s how we did it:

First, we started with cutting pieces of 1.5 inch PVC.  Each feeder needs one 8inch section.

Next, we cut a 4 inch section of 2 inch PVC.  Each feeder will also need a 4 inch to 2 inch “funnel”, a 1.5inch to 2 inch bushing, and a 45degree 1.5 inch elbow.

Simple enough, right?  Now to assemble.  Using PVC purple primer and cement, we inserted the short 2 inch PVC into the funnel.

Then, the 2in to 1.5 inch bushing is attached.

Followed by the longer 1.5 inch pipe and finally the 45degree elbow. Your final product will look like this:

The total assembly is then attached to the chain link dog kennels with wire, so the food slides down from the funnel, through the chainlink, and into the buckets.  

So…final test…how does it work? Watch and see!


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