My Ossabaws


Here at Peppermint Acres, I am committed to promoting and breeding hardy heritage livestock.  I also wanted to select varieties that did well on a pasture\foraging system rather than a confinement style farm.  My decision to start raising pigs, and the research that followed, lead me to the lovely Ossabaw Island Hog. 

Ossabaws are listed as critically endangered by the Livestock Conservancy and also listed on the Slow Food Arc of Taste.  They are a small (150-200lb average adult weight), active forager and extremely hardy. 

As of Summer 2016, I no longer have breeding stock as some personal life changes required me to scale back at the farm.  I still have a “pet” Ossabaw named Patches on site and can refer you on to local breeders if you are interested in obtaining one (or more!) of these awesome pigs 🙂




Links for More Information

The Livestock Conservancy

Oklahoma State University

Slow Food Ark of Taste


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