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Vintage and Handmade Items now availableĀ 

2016 has been a year of changes here at Peppermint Acres, and this is the most exciting one of all (at least in my opinion lol).  

Announcing our Etsy store “Peppermint Acres Vintage and Handmade”!!

We love vintage style and the amazing craftsmanship that went into items of times gone by, and look forward to sharing with you how we use them around the house, as well as those lovely finds that are up for sale.  

Watch for shop updates, occasional sales, and special coupon codes in the near future.  New items will  be added regularly!

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Can you believe…

Can you believe lil Miss Rosebud is old enough to breed now?? Time almost got away from me.  Last night we took her to meet her new boyfriend, a mini Hereford bull named Beethoven.  They were both born May 2015, so he’s still filling out, but I think they hit it off well šŸ™‚

Can’t wait til next spring to see what the calf looks like, and milk (Rosebud is 1/2 jersey!)